If simply adding a free Google Maps API in your site isn’t sufficient, we can customise a web mapping app tailored to your needs, it’s a question we get asked more and more. However everyone’s requirements are different. This post is a simple first step intended to avoid unnecessary work or disappointment.

It can be an expensive exercise.

Entry level cost for a basic custom app is $3,000 ex tax. It would be based on open source technology. Data (e.g. postcode geography, suburb boundaries), if required, would be an additional cost. The app would need to be incorporated into your site code by your own web developer and assumes you would mange all other web related matters including hosting. Ongoing support or updates would be additional costs.

Anything requiring advanced interrogation such as complex spatial query or data aggregation, data entry, software specific coding, external hosting or security will become significantly more expensive, moving into the teens to multiple tens of thousands of dollars.

In summary, if you can’t accomplish what you need using “free stuff” you’ll need a serious new-car-buying equivalent budget of many thousands of dollars.