Upgrading from Map Series Standard to Map Series Pro

Upgrading from Standard Map Series to Pro Map Series

The upgrade cost from Standard to Pro Map Series products is: Product price difference + 20% + GST and Shipping for the upgrade. For example if you initially purchased PC002NSWACT_Smb and wish to upgrade to PC002NSWACT_SmbPro, it will cost $775.50 – $620.00 (= $155.50) + 20% = $186.60 + GST and shipping. This is a sensible and affordable way to meet your growing requirements; just for comparison, the Sydney and Canberra Capital City products alone would cost $700 if purchased separately for small business deployment, and these comprise only part of the Pro upgrade package! To upgrade, simply e-mail us your requirements and include your original invoice number. We’ll return to you an upgrade invoice and ship your new product – it’s that easy!

Upgrading from a Small Business Limited to Small Business or Organisational Licence

You simply need to pay the difference between the Small Business Limited and upgrade Licence of choice. For example to upgrade to Small Business Licence will cost $620 (PC002NSWACT_Smb) – $440 (PC002NSWACT_SmbLtd) = $180. If your business really takes off and your staff numbers grow to over 100 employees, you’ll simply need to repeat the process from your existing Small Business Licence to an Organisational Licence. Again, we don’t think a fairer deal is possible.

Keep a record of your Invoice number(s) and product Password(s)

You will need to advise us of your invoice number to take advantage of these upgrade options. We strongly recommend you keep a printed copy of both your Invoice(s) AND Passwords, as a precaution against accidental deletion or system failure. If you do loose your details, we can attempt to recover your details for an additional charge of $30 + tax.