We are planning a tour of remote and outback Australia during the cooler months of 2023. We will be providing introductory talks and hands-on “how do I do that for my property?” demonstrations and training sessions. We intend these to be informal, friendly and responsive to what you actually want! Broadly, we’d expect to cover two main topics:

  1. Creation of digital paddock and infrastructure “layers” including linking local aerial / satellite imagery.
  2. Linking existing digital property management resources such as stock records, inputs, maintenance schedules.. Spreadsheets and proprietary database tables are typically where these are kept. It’s a good idea to learn how to export the tables of most interest to CSV files – just makes things a bit more straight forward at first!

There won’t be any cost to attend or participate. If attendees find our presentation to be of value, of course we’d welcome donations (details to be finalised, but probably via online PayPal payment)!

Where and when?

No fixed itinerary at this initial stage. We will be demand-driven and nowhere is off-limits. If you’ve read this far, we assume you have some interest at least! To begin laying down a framework, we ask that you complete and submit the form linked at the bottom of this post – it should open in a new tab. This is simply to allow us to visualise where some demand exists across our vast land, from there we can begin to put together a basic itinerary. This does not commit you to anything at all, we ask for your location as a latitude and longitude via an interactive map on the form, so we can “map” interest, a necessary part of the itinerary planning process. None of the information you enter will be used for any other purpose, or commercialised in any way. If you have any concerns or questions give as a call or send us an email!

The cooler months are more comfortable, travel conditions permitting, we’d anticipate being on the road between May and October 2023.

Venues are likely to include small town community halls, the pub, an unused property building etc., by prior arrangement. We will be self-contained, including sufficient generator power to be able to deliver under a coolabah, if circumstances require!

What Will I Need To Participate?

Nothing, if you just wish to come along and pick up a few tips and catch up with your neighbours for a bit of a chinwag. Well, maybe bring a folding chair..

If you want to take a more active part, a Windows based laptop (or Mac with Windows emulation enabled) will be required. For anyone checking the “Please send me mapping software link” box on the form, you will receive an email from support (please add *@mapmakers.com.au to your e-mail white / safe sender list) with details of the best bang-for-buck digital mapping software available, at very competitive prices and including an entirely free, fully functional viewer (save your work function disabled in the free version – hey it’s free!). We are not agents, we do not receive commissions; normally we charge for our software recommendations, so you’d be ahead of the game by at least $100 already by checking the box!

Please follow this link to our on-line form hosted on our KoBoToolbox account, it should like this..

Your form will open in a separate tab..

This is a new option for us. The interactive map for location appears towards the bottom of the form. It defaults to a global view (we’ll see whether we can narrow this down!) but if you enter your property name, or the name of your nearest town and your state name in the search box (if you omit your state name and there is place of the same name in North America, the view will default to that) it should zoom to your location automatically.

We look forward to catching up next year!