Terms and Conditions

Please read and accept these prior to requesting MapMakers to undertake your spatial data and analysis work.
Estimates and quotes
Estimates (lower – upper ranges) may be offered, and should be regarded as INDICATIVE only. Detailed written project estimates and breakdowns are available by explicit request, please include the text “estimate request” in the subject of your e-mail: These are charged to the requesting party at pro-rata hourly rates (plus GST for Australian clients) ONLY WHEN THE REQUESTING PARTY CHOOSES NOT TO PROCEED WITH THE ESTIMATED PROJECT WITHIN FOURTEEN DAYS OF RECEIPT OF ESTIMATE, OR CANCELS PRIOR TO COMPLETION.

All estimates will be forwarded to requesting parties via receipted delivery and confirmation request e-mail.

Estimates and quotes valid for ninety days from date of provision, unless specified otherwise.

Draft or evaluation maps

Some customers require a “draft” or “example” before making a decision to proceed. There are many examples of our maps throughout the site, and while they may appear grainy, as is typical of web images, all our map products are clear and sharp. We will happily supply a generic PDF format A3 map if you feel the web illustrations do not meet your requirements. Custom draft or example maps / map output based on your own particular area / interest take time to produce and compete with other commercial tasks. If your need is specific (often it is), you must pre-purchase custom mapping (Dft_CM1) in blocks of 30 minutes ($96.25 + GST) using PayPal via our web-cart; A MapMakers Tax Invoice is issued for all PayPal transactions. Depending on the complexity of your requirements, this will rarely cost much more than the standard project initiation charge of $192.50 and you will get the prompt service you need. If you wish to have your own data (e.g. spreadsheet or database tables) incorporated at the draft stage, experience suggests over an hour will be required, so please allow for this possibility. We suggest two hours – four blocks – in such cases. Any unused blocks will be either credited to your account if you choose to proceed, or fully refunded otherwise.

If you are unable to pay for a draft using your own data, we can still prepare one for you. However in such cases we introduce random error adjustments into your data values, so you get a preview “look and feel” but without any real information – that always requires either formal engagement of our services or pre-purchase via Dft_CM1.

Drafts or samples requiring use of our data do not incur a data cost component for deployment of those data, but the geographical extent of such data is restricted to a sub-set, sufficient for illustrative purposes. We also reserve the right to introduce error into our data components deployed cost-free for draft purposes. The requirement for pre-paid Dft_CM1 is the same as for any other Draft.

Should you wish to visualise a sample of your own data, it will almost always take longer than an hour to prepare, so please plan for that possibility. We also have a number of generic sample maps in Adobe Acrobat PDF format for illustrative purposes, which can be downloaded, free of charge.

A project initialisation fee of $192.50 (plus GST for Australian clients) applies to all projects undertaken. This is absorbed for all projects where the service component equals or exceeds $192.50. A project is considered to be undertaken once the project initiation form is confirmed, completed and submitted.
Charging Policy

We offer service on the basis of hourly rates. The hourly rates (plus GST for Australian clients) vary depending on task mix, typically  $225.00 per hour  for custom mapping tasks. Indicative breakdowns will be provided if a detailed written project estimate is requested. Pro-rata rates are calculated in minute increments. Detailed task sheets are generated and maintained for all projects and summarised on progress and final invoices.

Data Costs
Data costs are usually additional to service costs. All MapMakers data products and derivatives, including tabular output, are supplied on a pre-payment basis. All projects incorporating both a MapMakers data component plus a custom mapping component are invoiced on “immediate” terms. Your products will be supplied promptly and an encryption key forwarded to you upon clearance of payment. The client may be required to enter into a data licence agreement(s) with third party data suppliers and / or MapMakers Pty Ltd for access to and subsequent use of digital data products. Advance payment for third party data access may be required in some cases; typically we will arrange for the supply of third party data directly between client and third party data supplier. Regardless of payment method ALL THIRD PARTY DATA PURCHASES MADE ON BEHALF OF THE REQUESTING CLIENT REMAIN THE EXCLUSIVE LIABILITY OF THE REQUESTING CLIENT. Please contact MapMakers if you wish to further clarify these or related procedures.
All work will be completed to the highest standard, qualified only by inherent limitations related to completeness and precision of required third party data. Projects suspended or cancelled prior to completion will be charged at pro-rata rates, with deliverable’s restricted to those current at the time of suspension or cancellation.
Prices given are in Australian Dollars. Service component or data charges incurred in other currencies will be converted to and charged in Australian dollars, other than in cases where direct payment to third party suppliers is required and has been agreed to by the client. Such instances will be the subject of separate contractual arrangements between third party suppliers and clients.
Product Supply / Delivery
Products and data are supplied as encrypted executable, by default via download. A standard download charge of $22.50 ex tax applies. If a client prefers supply via media and physical delivery, additional charges apply.

The encryption key / password required to extract your product will be forwarded separately upon clearance of your payment (a copy of your EFT transaction is acceptable, owing to the typical 24 hour delay in processing transactions between financial institutions).

Progress invoices will be issued on all projects exceeding $500 unless alternative arrangements are agreed to prior to commencement. All invoices are payable within 14 days of invoice date, other than for MapMakers data products (terms are pre-payment) or projects incorporating a Mapmakers data product(s) plus a custom mapping component (terms are immediate). Pre-payment is required for stock products, either via our Shopping Cart, or from a product invoice (which includes financial institution details for EFT payments). Australian customers please note GST is additional to product prices listed.

Credit card payments can be made only via PayPal and attract a surcharge.

Work on unpaid accounts will be suspended. A late fee of 25% will be added to accounts outstanding beyond 60 days.

Unpaid accounts beyond 60 days will be referred to a collections agency and / or law firm, incurring additional fees for which you would be liable.

Please contact MapMakers before due dates in the event of payment difficulties.

Important: If you are commissioning custom mapping work, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with this brief description "Custom maps - what usually happens to make one.." topic on the FAQ page of how your work is likely to proceed and what your own role may be during your project..

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