Not only are grocery prices going through the roof – thanks to barmy government policies guided by self-serving “experts” and feckless bureaucrats aboard the express climate change gravy train – they’re adding insult to injury by giving us less for more cash! We saw this egregious example on a recent trip to our local supermarket for a household breakfast staple.

Rose’s – daylight marmalade robbery 2023

That’s a whopping twenty five percent less marmalade, and they’ve had the brass neck to up the cost by nearly two and a half percent to boot! No cynical turning off the production line marmalade tap a bit earlier and hoping we’ll get used to the extra air space at the top of the jar and the odd loss of 5 from the “E” value over time, gambling they’ll still get to keep their loyal customers. This is an example of full-blown, pre-meditated customer abuse and we’re happy to call Rose’s (part of the Hain Daniels Group) out on it – our Australian Rose’s products are made in New Zealand, but we can’t find a direct web site, so the parent company can wear this brick bat. You can almost hear the boardroom discussion weighing up the enormous costs of retooling the production lines, designing smaller jars, lids, different labels, cartons etc against the hoped for 25% increase in turnover out of the pockets of their loyal customer base. Disgraceful, and we for one, are taking our marmalade and jam business elsewhere!

Not all bad news though, MapMakers digital data products have either stayed the same or had their prices dropped over time, and they improve over time too!!