Upgrading from PDF Map Series to GIS Data Products

Upgrading from Map Series to GIS Data products

If your business needs begin to exceed the Map Series product capability, you can easily upgrade to the equivalent GIS Data product. The cost to do this is 80% of the equivalent GIS Data product*. For example if you have bought the Standard Organisational Licence for the NSW / ACT Map Series  PC002NSWACT_Org, you will have paid $520 ex tax. To upgrade to the NSW / ACT GIS Data product PC002NSWACTDAT_Org will be an extra  $2040 * 0.8 = $1632. All up then your total purchases will have been $520 + $1632 = $2152. The full price of PC002NSWACTDAT_Org is $2040, so for an additional $112 you will have enjoyed maximum benefit of the NSWACT Map Series product throughout your organisation, until such a time as your needs became such that the GIS Data version became essential. Of course, you will also continue to enjoy the benefits of your original Map Series product. We think this is a very fair deal.

If you have a current Postcode Update Service policy, your upgrade product will of course be to the current version. If you do not have an Update Service policy, your upgrade product will be based on the data version current at the time of your original License.

This upgrade path is available only for equivalent products in the different series. Small Business Limited Map Series to Small Business Limited GIS Data equivalent, Small Business Map Series to Small Business GIS Data, or Organisational Licence Map Series to Organisational Licence GIS Data equivalents.

To upgrade a sale discounted Map Series Product, you keep the discount! Upgrade cost is the same as for the list priced item.

Upgrading from a Small Business Limited to Small Business or Organisational Licence

You simply need to pay the difference between the Small Business Limited and upgrade Licence of choice. For example to upgrade to Small Business Licence will cost $620 (PC002NSWACT_Smb) – $440 (PC002NSWACT_SmbLtd) = $180. If your business really takes off and your staff numbers grow to over 100 employees, you’ll simply need to repeat the process from your existing Small Business Licence to an Organisational Licence. Again, we don’t think a fairer deal is possible.

Keep a record of your Invoice number(s) and product Password(s)

You will need to advise us of your invoice number to take advantage of these upgrade options. We strongly recommend you keep a printed copy of both your Invoice(s) AND Passwords, as a precaution against accidental deletion or system failure. If you do loose your details, we can attempt to recover your details for an additional charge of $30 + tax.

*Please note: Upgrade path only available for State and Territory Map Series, it is not available for our Capital City Map Series. Users wishing to upgrade from a Capital City Map product to a GIS Data product can choose either the full GIS data product for the State of interest, or consider a custom postcode data range.