We missed adding this during the recent site rebuild, so the information, including screen shots, is now on its own Paper Postcode Map page here.

This is a commonly asked question. It is actually a challenge to do this on a single paper map because most postcodes are concentrated in larger cities – its where most of us live – but those places take up a very small proportion of the whole country. Even on a big poster it means the labels for city postcodes must be tiny and therefore hard to read. To get around this we use “insets” which show cities and other populated places at larger scales in map windows around the main map. You can see examples for individual states on the PDF map series page.

The best way to do this is with a digital map, which allows you to zoom in and out to any area whilst still maintaining detail and useability. Our GIS data series is designed to do this. While you would get the most flexibility by using these products with digital mapping software (see our digital mapping tour), they can also be used in Google Earth, which is free and may meet your needs.

If you simply must have postcodes for the whole continent on one map, please visit the Paper Postcode Map page for information on size and finish, pricing and delivery options.