..Standing, of course! Like the stonking opener of Motorhead’s 1993 masterwork “Bastards”,

Bastards Motorhead 1993

almost twenty years after Blue Oyster Cult’s classic first live album – “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees”

On Your Feet Or On Your Knees BOC 1975

and perhaps the song’s inspiration, coinciding as it did with Lemmy’s sacking from Hawkwind for speeding. Yep, you’d find us strutting our stuff alongside the legions of fans of the bad boys of Motorhead, their Girlschool co-conspriritors and the legendary “All the way from New York City” men of Blue Oyster Cult!

Vandalism and looting have characterised 2020’s civil unrest – verging on anarchy as they’re egged on to be murderous revolutionaries by puppeteers masquerading in plain site as BLM and like minded anti establishment groups. These impressionable, mostly educated but unexperienced youngsters a perfect target audience for the alternative message of this quintessential Motor number. Their antics have been met – with few exceptions – by kneeling capitulation and virtual appeasement from those who should be standing firm and offering leadership. Even large corporates including miners, seem to be cringing in front of the mobs’ flaming torches and pitchforks – pathetic! Against this background we – an Australian company – choose to stand firmly on our feet. We proudly planted the national flag in our Great Southern Land in 1998 and have raised it each working day ever since. We have no intention of doing otherwise, and ceremonial smoking is done exclusively outside – on the barbie! Here all lives matter and are treated with the full spectrum of colour our digital palettes offer, without fear or favour! All you will ever need to engage with us is proficient English.

We provide rock solid spatial digital products and principled state-of-the-art data analysis and custom mapping services. We can do this only by virtue of the inheritance bestowed upon us by our forebears. Science, literature, education, democracy, industrialisation and technological innovation and with them, adequate nutrition, shelter, sanitation and health care, at the heart of western civilisation. They fought for and died in their defence during two appalling global twentieth century conflicts, allowing following generations to prosper as never before. There has never been a better time to be a human.

Oh, on that broad note, our staff geologist advises us that carbon dioxide balance is taken care of by the carbon cycle – it’s had 4.6 billion years of practice and fine tuning – and fluctuations are to be expected and are normal. Current atmospheric concentrations are amongst the lowest in geological history. Anyone claiming to be a scientist and supporting the proposition that a single gas (or even all greenhouse gases so that would include water vapour, obviously) can control a system as complex as the multivariate intertwined atmospheric and oceanic systems of our planet, within the context of the solar system, is undeserving of the moniker. CO2 + H2O + sunlight = all living carbon-based lifeforms past present and future – photosynthesis – total carbon capture and storage solution and it’s free! Arguably also, better the gradual release of carbon dioxide stored in coal and hydrocarbon deposits by commercial extraction, rather than the inevitable alternative of their rock hosts being used as volcano food or torched over a mantle hot spot and the coal and hydrocarbons being released all at once geologically speaking, now that can get really messy.

And the point? History. Ignore it – or worse try and re-write it – and we’d once again fail to learn from the lessons set out for us all – by history.. Been badly let down by your school and college teachers? Not all is lost.. Start by traveling back to late 1993 for a much needed lesson from Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister and his band of brothers, who might well have made the observation that their He111 “bomber” lighting rig and fifty Marshall stacks “..can’t be run off effing windmills..” – a bit like the smelters, blast furnaces,  drilling rigs and mines which produce the raw materials to make the gizmos protestors use to record their attempts to re-write history for their own social media gratification – unappreciative “Bastards”!