Our digital data and map products are licenced, not sold. As such, they are subject to an End User Licence Agreement (EULA). It doesn’t matter that only a small team or individual may be directly engaging with the product(s) – benefits flow to an organisation as a whole; the only considerations are the size of the Licencing organisation and intended mode of deployment. If unsure what Licence level should apply, please seek advice from management within your organisation.

If there are fewer than 100 employees, you can choose either the..

Small Business Licence (100 employees or fewer), unrestricted use on stand-alone computers / devices within your Small Business, or..
Small Business – Limited Licence (100 employees or fewer), restricted to installation on not more than three computers / devices.

Or if there are more than 100 employees or you wish to deploy from a central database over intranet / Internet, you need the..

Organisational Licence (more than 100 employees, a Franchise, or where the product or derivatives are to be made available via Internet or Intranet). Unrestricted use within your organisation.

Our Licence structure is designed to provide optimum deployment flexibility within your named organisation. If you believe none of our standard Licencing options meet your own particular circumstances, please contact Sales, with a brief explanation of your situation and we will endeavour to assist.