Custom Postcode Ranges for Census Enhanced Data Products

This option allows you to pick and choose Postcode Areas from anywhere in Australia to meet your specific business needs. This may be of particular interest if your area of operation is confined to a region (we have a free downloadable map including enlargements for major cities showing standard “regions” for Australia), a city or two, or just a single Postcode.

How it works. Send an e-mail to Sales including an attached spreadsheet or database table listing each postcode required and ideally it’s State or Territory as a separate column, or an annotated scanned map showing your area of interest. Also please specify your required data format (if it is not listed in the third column of the table below, we can almost certainly produce it, please contact us for more information). The State or Territory may be required as some Postcodes can and do legitimately occur in more than one State / Territory. If you prefer not to include a State or Territory in your list, you will receive all Postcode Areas with that designation, so you may receive more Postcode Areas than there are unique postcodes in your original list. Your custom postcode areas will be supplied as an encrypted executable file, requiring pre-payment for release of your encryption key.

Owing to the unique nature of this option, our Postcode Update Service is not available. The table below shows prices for Licensing at Organisational level, up to and including 200 postcodes. Other License levels are available and are supplied as appropriate with project estimates.

Number of Census Enhanced Postcode Areas Required

First Postcode Area
Second to tenth Postcode Area
Eleventh to fiftieth Postcode Area
Fifty first and additional Postcode Areas up to 200 (for 201+ proportional pricing may apply)

Price per Postcode Area (+ GST if applicable)


Available default formats

ESRI .shp

MapInfo Mif/Mid

Google Earth / Map .KML

GeoJSON, GML, WKT and most other modern formats


Proportional Postcode Data pricing.

This is designed to minimise data costs for users who do not require data for entire states but whose collective total is above the 200 limit of the custom range option. If you need to visualise the distribution of sales or survey records, or to confine interest to a major city or two, this pricing policy has been developed with you in mind. Custom postcode range pricing applies from 1 to 200 postcode areas for each product in the Standard and Enhanced postcode data ranges, but where the number of postcodes involved exceeds 200 and the full product extent is not required, the price for the balance of postcode areas in that product will be adjusted proportionately based on your supplied postcode list or limited area of interest.

If you require a custom map based on your selection, our Custom Mapping Service is available to you.